Download Some Useful Data

Here are some useful files that you might care to download. Some are quite large and thus might take some time to download.

DeepSky.xls - an MS Excel spreadsheet covering over 1000 deep sky objects visible from the northern hemisphere with average amateur telescopes, including comments, brightnesses, size etc. File size 316kB.

Caldwell.xls - an MS Excel spreadsheet covering the Caldwell objects, Patrick Moore's own list of recommended objects outside of the Messier list. File size 24kB.

H400.doc - an MS Word document covering the Herschel best 400 deep sky objects. File size 110kB.

DblStars.xls - an MS Excel spreadsheet with a nice list of over 200 double stars. File size 46kB.

lxalign.html - information on aligning the equatorial mount on an LX200. HTML Page.

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