Advice on LX200 Polar Alignment

First the problem is to get the 'scope parallel to the forks and the RA axis. Do this with the power OFF. Set the declination to 90 (finder underneath), but this is not accurate enough, and RA to 12 hours. Keep the eyepiece in the normal viewing position, ie right angle position up to finder side of telescope (ie pointing up in dec 90/RA 12 hour position). Next step  - adjust equatorial wedge knobs to get Polaris in the centre of the field (use 9mm reticle eyepiece and make sure cross hairs are central - this can be checked by rotating the eyepiece). When Polaris is central the next step will check how well aligned the scope is with the forks. Rotate the scope to RA 0hrs (this whole procedure could be done starting with RA at 9 hours and then switching to 18hrs - this way the eyepiece might be easier to get at ). Now it is likely that Polaris will have shifted N or S. Adjust the dec manual slow motion until Polaris moves HALF way towards the centre of the eyepiece, then adjust the wedge until Polaris is in the centre. Then move RA back to 12 hours again. Repeat this until there is no movement of Polaris N-S as you rotate the scope in RA.

Next turn on the power and proceed through the polar alignment routine and send the LX200 to Polaris offset and centre Polaris using the wedge. Next the Meade routine will send the LX200 to a bright star - centre this using the hand controller (keep right angle and eyepiece in normal viewing position for all this). If bright star is behind a tree just press enter, then select another bright star from the LX200 main star catalogue (250 stars) near the meridian and close to dec 0, send the scope to it by pressing GOTO and press enter to lock the database on this.

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