Links to interesting sites:-


UK Telescopes from Evergreen
UK supplier of impressive range of equipment from Meade, Celestron, Konus etc

Starlite Xpress
Details of Starlite Express CCDs

UK Orion Optics
Orion Optics UK - suppliers of high quality UK telescopes and equipment

Meade USA - suppliers of world leading telescopes

David Hinds
David Hinds and Celestron

BCF - telescope house
BCF London equipment

Harrison Telescopes
Selling a wide variety of astronomy goods since 2009

General Interest


Hants Astro
Hants Astro - Great site run by David Woods - worth joining

The World at Night
Nice site linked with the year of astronomy. Some really nice images

Universe Today
Great Space Site

Astroart Image Processing
Excellent image processing software

SkyMap Planetarium
Home of Best Planetarium Software

Skymap on-line
On line version of Skymap - very usefulFree one-line version of sky map - very useful

BBC Science and Technology News Pages
Great site for the latests space and Astronomy news

Digital Sky Survey
Palomar Digital Sky Survey - download an image of any part of the sky

Hubble Space Telescope Picture Archive

Cloudy Nights
Nice site with lots of equipment reviews

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy picture of the day

Intercative NGC Catalogue
Interactive NGC catalogue on line


Astronomy Now
Astronomy Now Magazine

Sky and Telescope
Sky and Telescope Magazine

Nice site by Astronomy Now's site reviewer

Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Magazine

Astronomy and Space Magazine
Astronomy Ireland

BAA Journal
Journal of the BAA

Society for Popular Astronomy
Society for popular astronomy


Heavens Above
Satellite visibility predictions

Georgia State University
Lots of Astronomical info

Supernovae Alert
Look up the latest supernovae

BBC Constellation Guide
Look the history as well as the best things to see

Paul Curtis' CCD Astronomy
CCD Astronomy by the Webmaster

Latest Comet News

Lowell Observatory
Flagstaff, Arizona

Royal Observatory

Herstmonceux Science Centre
Home of former Observatory

American Meteor Society
Latest Meteor News

Peter Benney's Aldershot Weather Centre
Weather Station and weather satellite pics

The Moon
Consolidated Lunar Atlas

Astronomical League
US Astronomical League

ISS Timings
Timings for ISS

Hampshire Astronomical Group
Local society page

Your Sky
Interactive Planetarium

The Sun

Space Weather - Current Images of the Sun

Solar images at SDAC

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Homepage