Chilbolton Observatory

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In September 2013 I visited the Chilbolton Observatory together with other members of the Andover Astronomical Society.  This is located quite close to where I live and is an interesting observatory with a mixture of radio telescopes and weather equipment. They only open the site for special open days, for which you must book. The main instrument is a 25m fully steerable dish, which these days is used for weather research. Recently (2010) they installed a LOFAR radio telescope. They have low and high frequency versions, which are linked with other instruments around the world.

Here are a few of the pictures.

The 25m steerable dish
The high frequency LOFAR array Radio Telescope and one of the aerials.
The low frequency LOFAR array Radio Telescope
6m fully steerable satellite dish.
Control room

There are lots more details at the observatory website here.

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